Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with a US -China partner?

In today’s complex business environment, you must have a partner with expertise; professionalism, experience and credibility to manage your factory relationships and its’ production. We minimize risk, protect your dollars and deal with foreign language and culture.

What information do I need to provide to you for you to start the sourcing process?

  • A drawing showing the details and dimension for the products.
  • Details on the material used to make the product
  • The required finish for the product.
  • A photo of the product is always great
  • We also accept actual production samples which are extremely helpful in the process.
  • The quantity of the products you would like to order is also important

What kind of products & services do you source?

We can source, design and produce almost any product or service.  We are in the business to help create your concept and complete its’ production.

What types of factories will handle our orders?

We place all customer orders with professional, quality-conscious manufacturers. Our American managers personally visit all potential suppliers to ensure that adequate quality and social standards are being met.

Does the information I send remain confidential?

We are sensitive to the confidential nature of information of our clients. We take extreme measures to keep all information confidential and only release information to suppliers with direct approval.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements with your customers?

Yes, upon request we sign non-disclosure agreements. We do not provide them – these are provided by the customer or the customer’s attorney.

Do I need to go to China myself or will you represent us on the ground?

We represent you on the ground in China with all aspects of your project.

While it isn’t necessary, if time and costs permit we highly recommend visiting China.  We will assist and accompany you during your stay.

How do you negotiate prices with Chinese factories?

We do our homework by securing competitive prices from many different factories for a single product.  Negotiating requires patience and determining whether the relationships with management are acceptable.   This comes with years of experience in dealing with the people and the culture.

How are payments handled?

Once quotes have been received and the customer enters into a contract for production, a deposit of 30-40% of the value of the invoice is required before production can begin. The remainder is due after our clients have approved the Quality Control Inspection Report, prior to shipping.

How is quality control handled?

We develop a standards list comprising all critical areas to be inspected during the QC phase of our process. These standards are also built into the contract that the factory signs and agrees upon. During the production run, our QC team will check to see that these standards have been met.  We use photos and actual sample throughout the production process to monitor quality.

Do I need to send my samples to China?

It is not necessary to send your samples to China.   We accept 3D views of your product  as well as actual drawings.  Our experienced project managers will determine the best course of action based on your product and customer expectations.

How many samples should I send?

Generally we recommend sending around 5 samples to our office.  This will allow us to send samples to multiple potential suppliers at the same time saving time, as well as allowing us to retain 1 sample in our office.

How long will it take before I receive the shipment?

Generally, the first production run of a new product, in China will need 30 – 45 days to make any molds or fixtures and provide a sample for approval.   There may be more than one re-sampling phase depending on the nature of the product.  After sample approval, it can take another 30-45 days to make the production run, depending on the complexity of the product and order quantity.

Sea and inland freight transit time on average is 30 days. On average a shipment will take 16-18 days on the water from a China port to LA, 3-4 days for customs clearance, and 3- 7 days for inland domestic freight.

Is it possible to arrange different supplier’s products into one container?

Absolutely.  By combining products we are able to save our client’s substantial dollars.

Who handles the freight and import details?

We are a full service company. We manage all phases of your project from sourcing to production to door-to-door logistics.

What do I need to know about Chinese & US Customs?

We have an inside logistics team to help provide all the details of importing a product. This includes a thorough explanation of the importing process, which includes customs duty rates, clearances, more.

Do I need a customs broker, and where can I find one?

Yes, you will need a customs broker to clear your shipment with U.S. customs. Your customs broker will get your shipment transported from the sea port to your door by the inland freight carrier of your choice.  We can assist you in the process as we work with several in the US.