lean_processOur methodical system is a 12 step process that is very efficient and effectively managed by our US and local China team in control.

Initially, our client base will contact us for many varying needs. From in-depth factory sourcing, product development and management, quality control, logistics and much more, our process ensures you a quality product with a fair price.

We are strong communicators that will provide you thorough, thoughtful, and objective advice through each step of the process. We invest significant time and resources in our initial analysis, to create a tailored plan for your company.

Our process never changes and there are no short cuts each step of the way.

Step 1/ Project Assessment

We have an initial conversation with our clients to understand the nature and scope of the project. The objective of this step is to begin to fully understand your product and its’ requirements. We will assess the feasibility of the project with respect to your specifications. We will look at variables such as initial cost projections, time and develop a rough draft plan. With the information given to us, we will also assess the level of risk, and develop quality control programs as defined in step 8.

If required we will sign any non-disclosure forms if we mutually decide to move forward.

Step 2/ Information Gathering

We request specific product information and develop the full plan in this step. It is necessary to receive all technical specifications that relate to the product. We will ask very specific questions to establish a full understanding of your requirements. This stage is foundational to the entire project.

Step 3/ Factory Sourcing

We first analyze our clients’ specific needs and choose three to five capable manufacturing facilities from our manufacturing network. In some case we will perform on-site factory inspections. When requested we can carry out audits and provide certifications. The lowest factory price does not always trump quality and service.

Step 4/ Request for Pricing

Our intimate knowledge of these manufacturing facilities will enable us to get our clients the lowest pricing while still maintaining the quality standards you demand.

In order to provide an accurate quote, the following information will be used .

  • Design work and drawings with specifications;
  • Sample product with material code, size, color, etc.;
  • Packaging requirement (if applicable);
  • Printing requirement (if applicable);
  • The quantity of the production run;
  • Shipping preference such as FOB, CFR, CIF, Air, Ocean, or Express;
  • FDA, EPA, DOT regulations (if applicable);
  • Customs duty and clearance .
  • We will quote you the price on a landed duty paid American destination. To make things simpler.

Step 5/ Vendor Selection

We will assess each facility and review each quotation in choosing the most appropriate vendor.

Step 6/ Prototype Development

To ensure the product is manufactured to specification, the factory will produce an actual sample for your approval. If necessary, the factory will make subsequent adjustments to the prototype until it is

Your approval and confidence in the quality of the product is necessary in this step. Throughout the process, there will be continual discussions, correspondence with progress updates and questions, as well as a continual stream of product photos.

Step 7/ Product Manufacturing

Upon approval of the prototype, we will begin the manufacturing process. The process will start with our discussion and review if all the requirements of the product.

Step 8/ Quality Control

We will implement a quality control procedure to insure the quality of your product. Our Shanghai team will make factory inspections to evaluate the quality of your product. This procedure is necessary to insure the manufacturing process remains consistent in the final output of the product. During our comprehensive inspections, we examine the product to be certain it meets your technical specifications of design and that it is equivalent in production quality to the prototype. Throughout the process our goal is to insure maintain consistent quality by preventing defects before they occur. Our team prides itself in our final inspections before a shipment leaves the factory.

Step 9/ Packaging

We offer custom packaging solutions for your product from internal protective egg-crating, to custom
corrugated and ready retail shelf packaging. Once the prototypes are developed we begin to design and create your custom packaging.

Step 10/ Logistics

With our in-house freight department we provide freight forwarding and assistance in all phases of the logistics step.

Step 11/ Customs Management

We will assist in all the phases of China Customs and US Customs entry. Our in-house team handles all the China Customs documentation , while we work very closely with Licensed Customs Brokers that will expedite the customs clearance of your shipment domestically.

Step 12/ Delivery

We will track your shipment from the time it leaves the factory to your door. Our in-house logistics team is there to provide this complete service.