Our goal is to provide a high level of service through consistent communication, with the end result of manufacturing high quality products at or below your target price, which results in sustainable value to your company.

  • We are your sourcing division, serving as your eyes in China.
  • We will save your company valuable time, money and resources.
  • We will assess and develop a strategic sourcing, production and logistics plan for your company.
  • We will quickly identify the most qualified and reputable factories.
  • We will quickly develop and manage strong supplier relationships.
  • We will negotiate very competitive prices from the factory.
  • We will provide high-quality results in the manufacturing process with a detailed plan of the process.
  • We will provide expert translations to the factory, with our bilingual staff for all your technical specifications.
  • We will provide a high level of t imely communication with you and the factory throughout the process.
  • We will provide the most economical means of logistics and transportation with our in-house logistics team.